Friday, 01 July 2022

From Arab Spring to Islamic Ice Age

Muslim Milestones (Ma’alim fi al-Tariq) for the House of War (Dar al-Harb). Part I.



According to March 22nd’s edition of The Telegraph, around 12.44, the now former President Nicolas Sarkozy gave some words of wisdom for the victims of Mohamed Merah, the French-Algerian Muslim who killed three Jewish kids:

The Islamic faith has nothing to do with the insane motivations of this man.

So it was, indeed, because “before deciding to target Jewish children he targeted other Muslims”. Those Muslim soldiers killed by Mohamed Merah were part of the same NATO operatives working in Afghanistan, former enemies of the aforementioned assassin. Thus, his actions were perfectly justified: he didn’t kill three Muslim soldiers, but three –French– traitors to the Muslim faith. That’s why, before shooting them down, Merah raised the point to one of the soldiers: “You have killed my brothers, I will kill you”.

So may be, just may be, it actually has much to do with Islam. Days before the harrowing revelation –A member of the “religion of peace” killing innocent Jewish kids?– mainstream media related the slaughtering to the “far right” and –yes, you guessed it “right”– neo-Nazi groups. For some obscure reason Godwin’s appalling law does not appeal to the left. The media reactions in Europe were immediate: while some accused the “right” wings of the creation of “such monsters,” others asserted that “xenophobic motivations, the ghost of the far-right, it is there.” From one isolated case to a whole political party, lefties have something for synecdoches: “There you have it,” they would have said, “three neo-Nazis killing three poor Jewish kids,” followed by some grotesque yapping about how the far-right or the “just right” had shaped and educated such poor neo-Nazi youths. Never mind this is Europe, where the most extreme far-rightist who wants to get rid of all immigration is quite an statist at the right of the left of the center.

But once it was clear that the guy in the closet was a follower of the religion of peace, mainstream media decide to bang the “Mo.” So basically, if the bad guy happens to be a Hitler’s devotee you can blame the whole right, whether it’s far or not, but if he is a Mo’s aficionado, well, it isn’t Mo’s fault. And what this essentially means is that, for those media, the most important part of the slaughtering of the Jewish kids was not the kids themselves, but the identity of the murder: Blamed shall he be, that taketh and shooteth thy little Jewish ones, for he was a splendid blond beast. A French teacher actually exonerated and defended Merah’s actions, calling him a “victim” and accusing Sarkozy of deliberately forging his relations with al-Qaeda. She even went as far as to ask her pupils for one minute of silence.

If Islam’s crimes against Jews could finely match the German Schutzstaffel in number, they surely surpass Hitler’s buddies in years. The fact is that, back in the 7th century, Mohammed wanted to invade the Ethiopian people, but the Black Empire was quite a force, so he changed direction and went for the Jews. Let’s reverse the aforesaid argument of the left and, with Godwin’s permission, let’s exonerate Nazism, “an ideology of peace that was unfortunately perverted by some uneducated Nazis” who “did not understand the real woo” of Hitler’s book. And why stop here? Let’s do the same with KKK, AN, Creativity and many other racist and homophobic groups. After all, just as we do not think a lot about the Nanking Massacre or the Kerusuhan of May, 1998, more than 1000 millions of Chinese and the same amount of Muslims daily ignore Adorno’s Big Question. And if we don’t, it is because, instead of justifying genocide ideology, back in the middle of the 20th century we were rational enough to understand what they were about and, within our means, to stop and eradicate them. In those days Islam was not a big problem and we were happily celebrating how Nazis and Communists were defeated: most Islamic countries now embracing radicalism were long time colonized by white supremacists who, besides their monthly massacre, had still time for building schools, hospitals, museums and universities, defending women’s rights and fighting Arab slavery on Western and Southern African countries.


- César Guarde


Next part: Bible vs. Quran: The Quranic basis of abrogation / Islam vs. ignorance: The world was created Muslim.