Thursday, 30 June 2022

“80 commies in the House”

Or the Century Civilization Stood Still.


FascismoObama“Weak and pliant indeed is he who maketh no enemies”, once wrote H.P. Lovecraft, a science-advocate “radical conservative” who happens to be one of the most perceptive masters of supernatural literature of the 20th century. Not only making enemies but actually being proud of it is a sign, a symptom of a balanced, healthy mind. It is an indication of will. Thus, when Col. Allen West declared that “I am very happy to be [Democrats] No. 1 target,” no one would be surprised if the Obama mongers actually point their indebted fingers and do the twist. Instead, they pointed their fingers and laid the rap on him for cheap McCarthyism.

The reason behind this was one of the statements Col. West made when asked what percentage of the American legislature were “card-carrying Marxists.” “78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party”, he answered, adding that former President Woodrow Wilson was also a commie.

Let’s briefly stop at the McCarthyism accusation. An infamous McCarthyism poster about the Communist takeover shows an American flag being burnt, one of the ludicrous activities Muslim kids now engage in from Iran to London to New York, but also American kids in California. The fact that education in Europe, from Spain to Malmö, has gone so Left that Communist symbology –Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, the hammer and sickle or the red star superimposed upon the figure of assassins like Stalin or Che Guevara– decorates any University, should be reason enough for us to demand a Godwin’s Rule of McCarthyan Analogies. Was Yuri Bezmenov, the Russian journalist who predicted the “communization” of the educational system as we now see it in Europe, an active McCarthyanist?

Col. West main point was that Communists originally re-labeled themselves “socialists,” “liberals,” and “progressives” and, since President Woodrow Wilson’s Administration was the “first progressive administration of the United States of America,” he could be called a commie. “Never mind he imprisoned commies,” rap on the liberal statist. Well, never mind the Toulouse baby killer Mohamed Merah. After slaughtering some fellow Muslims, he proceed with the sacred task of cleaning up Jewish babies from the streets of Eurabia, while still crying Allahu Akbar. And it doesn’t change the fact that he was a Muslim. So with President Woodrow and his killing-commies part-time job. Like many other bloodthirsty ideologies, neither Islam nor Communism are monolithic blocks. But they all share something that 100 million dead would agree with.

The magical power of twisting words seems to have been copyrighted by the Left. Do you remember the classical ad nauseam accusation against Islamophobia? That islamophobes are anti-Semites, racists, fascists, or Nazis, because Islam is not a monolithic block. Basic notions of logical argumentation aside, most islamophobes support the State of Israel (a Semitic state) against the white self-styled Muslim-Aryans of Iran. Thus, calling an islamophobe a “Nazi” is similar to claiming that Martin Luther King was a sympathizer of the KKK.

Then, why should Republicans take ad pedem litterae words like “Communism” or “Marxism” but the Democrats are free to liberally abuse and deflower the original meaning of words? Recent Young Turk’s coverage of the interview gives an idea of the Democrats’ strategy: “Social economic justice? No, obviously those are all communist. Really? We can’t argue for justice in America?”. Well, you can, but don’t make a synecdoche out of it, because the whole (“justice”) is not that part of it. “Social economic justice” is against economic freedom. It asks for a Big Government to equally distribute wealth so that regardless whether you are bumming around or working hard, you won’t earn what you deserve.

“Progressive” is yet another seductive piece of late-night meal. Everybody advocates progress in one way or the other. A world without progress would be a world without T.V., radio, cars, planes, phones, or medicines. We want progress in Science, Philosophy, Technology. We also want new sources of renewable energy and alleviate hunger in the world. But “progressive” parties are only progressive when it comes to Twittering and iPhoning. For the most part, the “progre” label means sudden and violent change against everything the West represents. In fact, we stopped being progressive half a century ago, when we started communizating our civilization.

Back to Col. West assertion about “80 commies in the House,” we don’t need those Democrats to adhere and follow Marxism literally in order to call them “Communists.” Their statist policies, their idea of governance, their anticapitalism, their suspicion against free market and individuality, their advocacy for Big Government; facts speak by themselves. If Democrats can call an islamophobe a racist or a Nazi, there is no reason to avoid calling these reality-handicapped what they really are: commies in the House.

Civil Rights Acts that guaranteed African-American slaves to enjoy equality before law were implemented by Republicans: The anti-Ku Klux Klan bill of 1871 was drafted by Republican Samuel Shellabarger; the 1875 Act was proposed by Senator Charles Summer and Representative Benjamin F. Buttler; the voting rights bill of 1957 was signed by Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower and opposed by Democrat Leader and later President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

But when current President believes that “Columbus proved the earth was round,” what else can we ask from our History teachers?


- César Guarde